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Hazards and Environmental Monitoring

Professor Bruce Malamud and Faith Taylor

King’s College Department of Geography organised a day of ‘Geography in the Lab’:

Professor Bruce Malamud and Faith Taylor introduced a workshop on hazards associated with weather, tectonics and landslides.

Bruce Malamud’s poster and powerpoint “Natural Hazard Demonstrations for Teaching

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Bruce Malamud’s presentation on earthquakes and the significance of different building materials

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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

United States Geological Survey: live maps for earthquake and volcano activity, shakemaps for recent and past volcanoes, and also hurricanes, floods, droughts, and wildfires. Resources include maps, videos and animations.

The Geological Society: includes lesson plans and resources for teaching tectonics (based on the latest theories, unlike textbooks!). The Geological Society also run an excellent summer Geosciences Education Academy for teachers/student teachers (it is free but you need to register well in advance).


Simulation of wave destruction


Lampre Educational: collection of talks, activities and resources on landslides.

Faith Taylor: Innovative techniques and resources for teaching about landslides

The Landslide Blog: provides information on new landslides around the world.

US Geological Survey: warnings and events.


National (U.S.) Hurricane Center: tracks hurricanes.

Met Office: Storm tracker.

Wunderground: Tornado tracker.

Dr Thomas Smith led a workshop on building your own sensors and the Internet of things.

Dr Smith showed teachers how to programme and use Arduino boards to set up sensors to monitor environmental conditions. This can be done using basic electronic equipment and the Arduinos software. Teachers learnt how to sketch very basic programmes to turn on and off sensors. There is significant potential overlap with computer science in undertaking such a project. Full details of the workshop are available here:

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