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Map Skills Workshop

Dr Paula Owens from the GA

Paula gave us lots of fabulous ideas and stimuli to think about mapping, many covered in the presentation: Mapping Every Day Stories. These ideas could be adapted and used in different contexts and in a range of varying settings. Do try some of them.

We also discussed some of the challenges of progression in mapping skills and found this document from Digimap really helpful in thinking about it: Progression in Mapping Digimap, and when planning, using this link.

Simon Catling has done a lot of research in primary mapping and his thinkpiece on Developing Map Skills is really useful: Catling Developing Map Skills Understanding

And you can’t get away from map work without some globe tossing and here are a great range of different things to do with an inflatable globe in the classroom: GA EYP Inflatable Globes.

For other ideas from the workshop and beyond have a look at these.